Teens ‘spending more time online via smartphones’

American teenagers are spending more time online through their smartphones, according to new research.

The Pew Research Center found that 24 per cent of American teens are “almost constantly” online.

This is being “facilitated” by smartphones, which youngsters have access to more than ever before.

The report observed how 92 per cent of teenagers – defined in this study as being between the ages of 13 and 17 – admitted to being online daily, while 56 per cent stated that they went online several times a day.

Approximately three-quarters of teens said they have access to a smartphone, while 30 per cent noted that their device was “basic”.

“These phones and other mobile devices have become a primary driver of teen internet use,” the Pew Research Center explained in an official press release.

Other findings from the study include Facebook still being the “most popular and frequently used” social media platform for this demographic.

Approximately 71 per cent said they use it most often, with half saying that Instagram and Snapchat were respectively their preferred social network of choice.

“This study uses a somewhat different method than Pew Research Center’s previous reports on teens,” the institution explained.

“While both are probability-based, nationally representative samples of American teens, the current survey was administered online, while our previous work involved surveying teens by phone.

“A great deal of previous research has found that the mode of interview — telephone vs. online self-administration — can affect the results.”

Previous studies looking into smartphone use among teens and attitudes to this have uncovered interesting trends and opinions.

The mobile security company Lookout has, for example, reported that most parents (22 per cent) believe that the most appropriate age youngsters should be introduced to a smartphone is ten.

It also noted how challenging governance is for parents, particularly for the fact that by virtue of having such a device, youngsters are exposed to the world wide web on a daily basis.

While this has its advantages, there are also disadvantages – mums and dads want to ensure that their children are safe.ADNFCR-2155-ID-801783012-ADNFCR

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