Tablet sales have risen dramatically in recent times as devices such as the iPad and the Amazon Kindle Fire have captured the imagination of many people.

The popularity has been so great that sales of tablets will surpass traditional desktop PCs next year, according to Microsoft, PC Pro reports.

Speaking at TechEd Europe in Amsterdam, Microsoft's vice president for Windows Web Services Antoine Leblond reiterated the firm's belief that touch will be a dominant interface in the coming years.

These comments from Mr Leblond come just a week after the company revealed its own Surface tablet.

In contrast to this, independent software development consultant and author Matthew Baxter-Reynolds believes that it will take much longer for tablets to replace laptops and PCs.

Mr Leblond said to the visitors: "Next year, tablets will outsell desktop PCs. Touch is coming to PCs and that's going to change the way Uls are designed very dramatically, just like the mouse did."

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