British businesses may find an attractive offer from T-Mobile puts them in a position where they are able to trade in mobile phones.

The network has launched four new deals specially for its commercial customers, including a six-month plan that allows firms to take advantage of a free line to contacts.

Research by the company found many organisations desire shorter-term phone contracts, as this matches the fast-paced nature of the economy.

T-Mobile has also unveiled 18-month, 24-month and 30-day plans that it hopes will provide the most flexibility currently available to businesses.

Martin Lyne, director of small and medium-sized enterprises at the network, said: "Having the flexibility to adapt things quickly if needed is key to a small business' ability to survive and thrive, so we believe these shorter-term plans will be a great fit."

Last year, T-Mobile agreed a merger with Orange to form Everything Everywhere, which recently announced it is adding new mobiles such as the HTC ChaCha to its portfolio.

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