Mobile phone owners using the Nokia Symbian operating system may be looking for a new device, as the Finnish manufacturer has put the software into maintenance mode.

This means that there will be no further development or updates for the firmware, aside from occasional bug fixes.

Owners of once popular handsets like the N95 and N96 will therefore see no further improvements to the operating system on their mobile phone.

This may motivate many people to swap an old handset for one powered by a thriving platform.

The UK's market leader is Android, which is created by Google. Thanks to the extreme popularity of its devices, Apple iOS also has a significant share of the market.

Microsoft will be hoping that their imminent Windows Phone 8 operating system will help them to become a more popular option for consumers.

Symbian, which was renamed Nokia Belle, once enjoyed huge popularity, but declining sales and a lack of users has motivated the maker to 'shut it down'.

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