With the new university year just getting underway, many students may have returned to their halls or rented accommodation with a brand new mobile, such as an Apple iPhone or BlackBerry device.

However, they should be wary that they are one of the groups most targeted by thieves, as a large amount of electronic goods and relaxed security can make for easy pickings.

A study by Santander shows the average student keeps more than £2,000-worth of possessions in their digs, with 100 per cent of those surveyed storing their mobile phone there.

The average value of a handset owned by those in education is £152.13, meaning many may not be able to afford a replacement should it be stolen.

Despite this, one-in-three students have no insurance to protect their mobile phone and other goods.

Students were last week promised by Moneymagpie.com that there are plenty of ways for them to make cash at university, which could help them afford a mobile upgrade.

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Posted by Dan Latham

Written by Mazuma

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