The possibility of downloading Spotify for a mobile may persuade many users to sell used phones and switch to a device capable of hosting the music player.

With Spotify teaming up with Motorola as it prepares to launch in the US, its ten million European consumers could be among those who would like the feature on their phones.

The two companies have announced they will undertake a huge promotional campaign in the weeks leading up to the US release.

Bill Ogle, chief marketing officer at Motorola Mobility, said: “The collaboration between Motorola and Spotify is the ultimate way to deliver the compelling music choices users are looking for on their mobile device.”

The phone operator believes its tie-in with Spotify will help it to advance even further in the music players for mobiles industry.

Last month, Motorola announced it had renewed its partnership with Sprint in order to create hi-tech, modern mobile phones for large audiences.

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