We’ve all been there – our smartphone is about to die at the most unfortunate moment and all we can do is wish that we were able to quickly charge our device up so that we can get on with the day.

Yes, we do have wireless charging which is pretty handy, however it does take a long time for a wireless charger to get your smartphone up to full power as they can only run at a rate of five Watts, which isn’t the most efficient when time is not on your side.

The good news is that you do not need to panic any more in these situations as it is looking like we will soon be able to use wireless charging very quickly. It has been revealed that in 2015, Freescale Semiconductor will be offering the first ever 15 Watts wireless charger, which is set to change the way in which we work with our smartphones.

What this means essentially is that the new device will power up smartphones three times quicker than the usual wireless charger. It is the perfect product to use with larger smartphones and tablets. It works as a form of charging pad which uses a chip that has to be planted into your actual device, so that the receiver and transmitter chip can work to charge the device without the need for cables.

Denis Cabrol, director of global marketing at Freescale, said: “Freescale’s industry-first 15 W solution is engineered to address these evolving market requirements, while helping to streamline product development and unleash design creativity.”

It is believed that the super fast wireless charger will be released in the first quarter of 2015.


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