Mobile phone users for whom gaming is a priority could be at the front of the queue should a reported Sony PlayStation be developed and released.

Jasdeep Badyal, writing a piece for CCS Insight, notes there have been persistent rumours about the device, with some of the most recent online leaks showing it with a four-inch screen and the console's traditional buttons.

The author airs his concerns over the type of gaming required by mobile consumers, suggesting they are interested primarily in titles that can be played on a whim, rather than hi-tech, detailed pursuits.

Mr Badyal suggests this is the type of production the iPhone has done so well in creating, but explains Sony's senior vice-president of marketing Peter Dille does not feel the same.

The chief previously told CNN people "aren't satisfied" with what he describes as "time-killers".

Asavin Wattanajantra, writing for CNET UK, recently speculated Sony Ericsson could be on to a winner if its successor to the Xperia X10 is released simultaneously with the PlayStation model.

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