Consumers looking to sell mobiles in order to buy a low-cost music model may find the Sony Ericsson W205 "more than adequate", according to one expert.

In a piece for Cnet this week, Frank Lewis looked at the many features of the new Walkman-branded handset and concluded that the phone is equipped with more than it needs to be for its price.

He explained there were clearly areas where the manufacturer had been forced to cut corners – with the keypad and screen highlighted as two of these – but added elsewhere the model performs well.

The easy-to-navigate menu system was praised – and may be familiar to Sony Ericsson users – while call quality was found to be "top-class".

GPRS, EDGE and Bluetooth connectivity mean there are options onboard that are "more than adequate" and the 1.3-megapixel camera was found to be solid enough for casual snappers.

"The Sony Ericsson W205 Walkman has quite obviously been built to a tight budget," Mr Lewis concluded.

"Nevertheless, it offers a decent range of features for the price."

Slightly more top-end models in the Walkman series include the W595 and W995.

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