The Sony Ericsson W205 may be a solid purchase for those recycling mobile phones for a low cost device with a good camera, if one expert’s comments are to be believed.

Sandra Vogel explained in a recent article for Trusted Reviews that the model bucked the trend of being a feature-packed handset in the Walkman line up and as such this affected its price tag.

She said that as the device could be picked up for around £40 on Vodafone’s pay-as-you-go package, as well as £99.99 sim-free, it was clear the model would be without the “bells and whistles” of its many siblings.

However, Ms Vogel noted that despite this, the Sony Ericsson W205 featured an integrated camera that is much better than its 1.3-megapixel sensor would suggest.

It was noted that overall, images were “pretty good” and colour reproduction was “really quite sharp”.

The review compared the handset to the Sony Ericsson W595, a device Ms Vogel said in November last year was “very nicely built”.

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