The Sony Ericsson W205 is the latest entry into the manufacturer’s music-focused line up and is being backed by a new marketing campaign.

It has been announced that various advertisers will be charged with the task of celebrating all that is good about the handset – which may end up tempting those recycling mobile phones.

However, it is not just the integrated media player, FM radio and TrackID music recognition facility that the company is looking to promote. Sony Ericsson claims the device is one of the most cost-effective it has added to the series.

Carolina Ortiz, global marketing communications manager at the firm, said the W205 could be the perfect introduction to the range for this reason.

"As the most affordable Walkman handset to date, more young people can now revolutionise their music experience by taking their music with them everywhere," she said.

The series takes its brand name from the long line of cassette, CD, Mini Disc and mp3 players that Sony have produced since the late 1970s.

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