Those recycling mobile phones for a new handset may welcome moves by O2 to encourage environmental usage.

According to the network, it has put a number of policies in place to reduce its carbon footprint and one involves the various devices it now stocks.

O2’s marketing director Sally Cowdry said the firm was committed to improving its business sustainability and devices like the Sony Ericsson Naite were representative of this.

"This is yet another example of O2 bringing environmentally-friendly products and services to its customers and making it easier for them to do their bit for the environment," she added.

Other devices that the carrier has to offer those looking to sell used mobilephones they have grown tired of include the new Palm Pre – which was launched across the UK last week.

Although this model is a network exclusive, it was recently announced that O2 would no longer be able to offer the iPhone in this way as a new deal had been struck to bring the touchscreen handset to Vodafone and Orange.

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