A Sony Ericsson mobile phone with a 16-megapixel camera may be an example of what consumers have to look forward to.

Joe Minihane, commenting on the device for T3, says while it is only being released in Japan for now, the model is arguably a glimpse of the future.

The website revealed information about Sony's detailed and powerful tool about two weeks ago and can now confirm it will be used in a mobile to be known as the Sony Ericsson S006.

"This is very much Japan only at the moment, but expect to see this sensor finding its way to new phones here in Blighty next year," the author states.

According to the manufacturer, the state-of-the-art camera will create clear and crisp snaps of greater quality than those produced by most mobiles.

In August, O2's eco-rating system for mobile phones found the Sony Ericsson Elm is the greenest device on the market.

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Posted by Paul Whalley

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