Those looking to recycle old mobilephones like the Sony Ericsson K800i may agree that the decision to create a universal charger is a sensible one.

A spokesman for online industry magazine MobileWire recently said that such a move will not only minimise cost in the sector to a significant degree, but it also "makes a lot of environmental sense".

Brian Turner, executive editor of the publication, said the new technology would make life much easier for consumers, in addition to helping limit the need to create vast amounts of waste and damage to areas currently at risk.

"This is especially the case as the manufacture of mobile phone hardware is closely linked with mining in sensitive ecological areas, not least the last preserves of the Mountain Gorilla in the Congo," he added.

According to Global System for Mobile communications, the International Telecommunication Union’s Universal Charging Solution could lead to 50 per cent cuts in standby energy consumption.

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