Following a recent review for the Sony Ericsson Jalou, those looking to sell mobilephones may wish to consider the finer points of the device.

Jonathon Parkyn said in an article for Cnet this week that the unusual look of the clamshell model is likely to divide buyers, but added that whether the look appeals or not, there is no getting away from its practicality.

The Jalou comes in three standard varieties, purple, black and blue, while a fourth Dolce & Gabbana version can be purchased that comes in rose and gold.

In addition, those recycling mobile phones to pay for the gadget can expect a 3.2-megapixel camera, 3G and HSDPA connectivity and an FM radio – as well as up to 4 GB of memory to support an integrated media player.

However, it was all of the above plus one other carefully targeted option that Mr Parkyn concluded could be the most tempting to some buyers.

“From a purely practical point of view, the Jalou is an extremely convenient way of combining your phone, camera, music player and of course, your compact mirror in a single, tiny device,” he said.

Sony Ericsson said the mobile was an “irresistible” addition to its catalogue when it was announced in August.

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