Those looking to sell used mobiles in favour of a more stylish handset may see their next phone sooner than they think.

A new campaign has been announced that uses the talents of film director Cyril Guyot to highlight the fashion-focused Sony Ericsson Jalou Dolce & Gabbana edition.

The helm has worked with companies like Air France, Tommy Hilfiger, Hewlett Packard and Yves Saint Laurent in the past and explained that this latest clip aims to address the desirability of the phone.

“We felt this was the best way to reflect the key qualities of Jalou by Dolce & Gabbana,” Mr Guyot added. “The style is luxurious and the colours and lighting used throughout are reminiscent of the phone, which is all about glamour.”

The device comes with a mirror button that Sony Ericsson has said will allow the user to check their make up or hair whenever they need, as well as a 3.2-megapixel camera with video recording.

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