Those who recycle a mobile may already be aware they are doing their bit for the environment, but this could be emphasised by opting for the Sony Ericsson Cedar when it comes to choosing a replacement.

That is because the model is one of the greenest on the mobile market, with T3 writer Tom Truman noting the manufacturer puts its rivals "to shame" in this area.

Weighing in at only 84 grams, the Cedar is a compact device that is "great to handle" and features an attractive design.

It is following in the footsteps of Sony Ericsson's GreenHeart range, which was designed with the environmend in mind.

"This means the chassis is forged from recycled plastics, the casing is coated with waterborne paints and the packaging greatly reduced in size. It also comes with a low power consumption charger," explains Mr Truman.

Damien McFerran, writing for CNET UK, recently said the Cedar is a smart phone with particularly good functionality.

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