Recycling mobile phones for a Sony Ericsson C901 could be a move some people consider following the publication of a new report.

The manufacturer behind the device was one of a number featured in the paper, entitled Greening Consumer Electronics: Moving Away from Bromine and Chlorine.

It was found that with GreenHeart models like the C901 and Naite, Sony Ericsson had succeeded in implementing new initiatives to drive down the carbon footprint of its processes.

Put together by ChemSec and Clean Production Action, the study praised the firm’s commitment to such projects and in return the group’s head of sustainability Mats Pellback Scharp welcomed the recognition.

"Building on the established heritage of our parent companies, Sony Ericsson has worked continuously to become an industry leader in the area of removing harmful substances from the core of its phones," he added.

In addition to the C901 and Naite mobile phones, the GreenHeart range includes the MH300 headset – all of which were unveiled in June this year.

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