Mobile phone users who enjoy playing games on their device may now have all the incentive required to pay out for an iPhone 4.

Asavin Wattanajantra, writing for CNET UK, explains the new game entitled Rage is set to work on the revolutionary handset at a "mind-bending" pace of 60 frames a second.

Designed by John Cormack, who also created the classic Doom, Rage has recently been shown off for the very first time.

"Previous iPhone hardware didn't seem up to supporting games of the graphical standard hardcore gamers are used to. By the look of the demo, Rage could change all that," states Mr Wattanajantra.

Mr Cormack notes the game is expected to be especially smooth and run at least as fast as the original Doom Classic.

He reserves special praise for the way the iPhone 4 allows players to drag themselves around the layout.

The iPhone 4 was released in the UK on June 24th, meaning some gamers may already be in a position to play if they have already snapped one up.

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