O2 has announced the launch of a new service designed to benefit small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The Fixed Number Anywhere service, to arrive on the market in August, will provide a landline number to businesses that will ring through to a mobile phone.

The scheme will utilise a call group system, meaning that as many as ten employees can also be linked to the number.

Commenting on the new initiative, Simon Devonshire, head of SME marketing for O2, explained that the scheme will enable firms to look good to customers and to do business effectively.

He said: "Small businesses can continue to maintain an image of being a local business, which is valued by customers, whilst maintaining the flexibility and mobility that has enabled them to adapt to and thrive in the current climate."

This is the first service of its kind to be offered by a leading mobile phone network.

It was revealed that T-Mobile is in talks with Apple over a potential distribution deal for the iPhone – a move that would end O2’s current iPhone exclusivity.

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