Smartphone manufacturers across the world may want to look at where they are targeting their marketing most, with a new report from Ofcom showing that Scotland is now one nation where uptake of the devices is faster than most of the world, and ahead of anywhere else in the UK.

the Ofcom report showed that in the last 12 months, smartphone take up in Scotland was up by 17 per cent to sit at 62 per cent, which was a little ahead of the national UK average. It could well be the case that smartphones are now starting to become popular in some of the more rural and remote areas of the nation, which would be a reason for the large uptake in new smartphones among users.

It’s a marked change, said Vicki Nash, director of Ofcom (Scotland). In in the past, Scotland was seen to be falling behind the other nations when it came to the use of technology, including smartphones, she said.

In terms of how Scots are making use of their devices, the report also stated that the number of people who are using their mobiles to access the internet was up by 12 per cent, which meant that Scotland now almost falls in line with the national average of 57 per cent.

Another report released this week has also looked into what smartphone companies need to do in order to attract customers in the UK. And the uSwitch study discovered that surprisingly, many of the newer gimmicky features that manufacturers put into their devices are actually a turn off for users.

It said that for 29 per cent of people, the ease of use of their phone is the most important factor, while this was followed by good reception and battery life, both of which were cited by 19 per cent of those surveyed.

Only three per cent of respondents said that the more gimmicky aspects of phones, like 3D screens, eye-tracking technology and voice control are important, which could give manufacturers a better idea of where they need to focus their attention.ADNFCR-2155-ID-801740603-ADNFCR

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