Consumers looking forward to the latest phones from Samsung have been advised on what to expect from the manufacturer’s i7500.

Having recently reported that the handset would be ready for launch in the UK later this year, TechRadar has posted ten things it feels people should know about the firm’s first ever Google Android-powered device.

As well as being slimmer at around 11.9mm in depth, the i7500 is expected to come equipped with an OLED screen, multi-directional accelerometer, 3.5mm headphone socket and will have the best camera so far for an Android phone.

In addition, the site believes the Samsung i7500 will attract "a whole new breed of Android users" and will spawn a number of other models from the factory floor of its creator.

Having already confirmed its involvement in the German release of the gadget, it is also noted that O2 could offer the phone in the UK and that it will not go by its previous name – the Capella 7200

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