Those looking to upgrade their old mobile to a model that offers the latest in video recording have been offered some help.

In an article for PC MAG, Matthew Murray notes it can often be a great idea to have a pocketable video camera on hand to capture special moments involving family and friends.

However, he states as this is not always possible, there are a number of new handsets available that do a great job in capturing high quality video that can be kept and cherished forever.

In a list of the top five models currently available, Mr Murray suggests the LG Dare VX9700 is just one example of this, adding that it is also “fun to use”.

He goes on to recommend the Nokia‘s N82 and N95 8GB, with the former described as “among the best camera phones we’ve ever seen” and the latter “a top-notch multimedia smartphone”.

Samsung also takes two entries in the listing for its Memoir SGH-T929 and Omnia SCH-i910 models.

The LG Arena KM900 is another new device which may interest many as it claims to capture video in DVD quality.

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