Siri could transcribe voicemail messages in future iOS update

Apple workers are testing a new voicemail service that will see personal smartphone assistant Siri answer a user's calls and transcribe voicemail messages. 

The text of the transcribed voicemail will then be forwarded to the user as a text, removing the need to listen to voicemail at all, Business Insider reports. 

This functionality could be delivered as part of an iOS update being prepared for launch in 2016. 

Apple's solution is based on the premise that people like to leave voicemail messages, as it is quicker to deliver the information in this way than it is to type everything out in a text message or email. 

However, listening to voicemail messages can feel like more of a chore, as it is quicker to read the message in text format than it is to listen to a recording of another person talking. 

Apple hopes the service will help to bridge a generation gap, as older users are more likely to use voicemails than their younger counterparts. 

The service will work by having Siri answer a call when someone using iCloud Voicemail is unable to take it – instead of the caller being directed to a standard digital audio recorder. 

Options are likely to be included that will relay information to certain contacts about why the user is unable to answer the phone. 

Voice data recorded by Siri will then be sent to Apple servers, where the spoken words will be converted into text and forwarded to the user on their iPhone. 

Siri is already due to be updated in iOS 9 to search within applications and predict iPhone usage patterns – and the iCloud Voicemail updates suggest Apple is focusing on enhancing its personal assistant offerings still further. ADNFCR-2155-ID-801796461-ADNFCR

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