Smartphones are just as much an integrated part of the modern day as anything else is and it seems that the age at which people start using them is getting lower. Although this is perhaps due to the fact that they are more widespread nowadays and there are plenty more options available.

While there isn’t a particular age at which a child should start using smartphones, there are various advantages of letting your little one use such a device, including the fact that you will be able to get in touch with them and know where they are. It’s perfect if your child is at an age where they are partaking in after school activities or get the bus to school.

If you are thinking of purchasing one for your child, have a look at this guide for some advice.

What do they need it for?

When it comes to buying a smartphone for a child, it’s important to think what they will be using it for. Typically at a young, school age, it should really just be for texting their friends after school and staying in contact with yourself.

However, smartphones can also be used for fun and with such a wide variety of games available to download and already on many handsets, it is worth finding out how interested your child will be in playing them before deciding to buy.

Money, Money, Money

Although many parents will send their child to school with an expensive, state of the art smartphone, these obviously cost a lot more money than a more basic device. Really, an inexpensive device is the best way to go as should they end up dropping or losing their phone, it won’t put you out of pocket too much.

It is also essential to decide whether or not you want them to have a pay as you go phone or a contract. There have been many cases in the news where children have run up some ridiculously high bills ringing their friends and just not being aware of how much it costs. In this respect, it is best to go for a pay as you go, however there is always the risk that your child may need to get in touch with you but they have run out of credit.

A good option is to speak with the provider and see if you can add a cap onto a bill so your child can’t spend over a specific limit.


Without suggesting that children can be more careless than adults, it is highly recommended that should you opt for a pricier phone for your child, that you really think about paying for insurance.

Accidents can and do happen with children and smartphones and it’s best to ensure that they are best protected should anything go wrong. Just be sure to really check what is covered with the policy you opt for.

Parental Control

If your child wants to start using internet-enabled apps or surf the web via their smartphone then it is advised that you restrict access. Simply contact the provider to ask for certain sites to be blocked and that will stop your child from being able to access them.


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