It may be worth companies trading in their mobile phones used by workers in order to invest in tablet devices, if one expert is to be believed.

Mo Costandi, neurobiologist and science writer, said such technology could be the answer to overcoming the explosion in data that has taken place in recent times.

He said many people are now “bombarded” with higher quantities of information than ever before.

But the use of models such as the Apple iPad might be the answer, as he suggested they can help to change things “in a good way”.

However, businesses must be careful, as it can also be easy to get the use of tablets wrong, with Mr Costandi stating: “It really depends on how we use the technology. But they do have a lot of potential to help us manage information better.”

A recent survey by Mindjet found that many British workers are drowning in the data they are being asked to manage on a daily basis.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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