With the Christmas period coming up, Britons up and down the country will be rushing out and attempting to buy all their presents on a budget.

Seeing items in a store to check their quality is often the first port of call, with 82 per cent then using their smartphone to find cheaper alternatives online.

Think tank L2 said that this "showrooming" will help mobile commerce to grow at a rate of 30 to 40 per cent a year.

Mobile-optimised websites can be used to search for items, while applications also exist where a barcode can be scanned and alternative prices are brought up in other online stores.

Furthermore, programmes for favourite shopping sites like eBay and Amazon have also proved popular with users, along with payment portals such as PayPal for access to online accounts.

All of this could mean that the high street suffers even further, with consumers attempting to get the best price for their purchases.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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