People who sell mobiles and upgrade before Black Friday – traditionally the busiest day of Christmas shopping – have been issued advice on how to use their devices.

Foursquare, using its official blog, recommended downloading its app and visiting the 'Explore' tab, where all the best deals can be found.

Consumers can expand the radius in which they search, so the most attractive purchases within a mile, five miles or even 50 miles can be assessed.

It said the app is a worthy addition to any shopper's possessions ahead of the festive rush in malls around the country.

Another tip offered by the blog is to take note of other people's advice on products and stores before venturing out to invest in Christmas gifts for loved ones.

Stefan Boyle, founder of, recently said that online shopping via mobile phones has become a "massive" trend in recent times and is beneficial to both consumers and retailers.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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