Those who love to listen to music on their way to work, at the gym or on country walks may find they can do so by selling their mobiles and switching to the latest smartphones.

Daniel Ashdown, a research analyst at Juniper Research, claimed the models are likely to overtake mp3 players as the most popular way to enjoy favourite tunes.

He noted the sales figures of Apple – manufacturer of the revolutionary iPhone series – suggest people are increasingly turning to smartphones.

“Obviously they are a major player and I think that’s indicative of the trend in what kind of devices people are buying and how they’re going to listen to digital music,” Mr Ashdown stated.

He went on to predict that tablet devices – such as the iPad – will add to the amount of music being listened to via handsets.

Dr Alice Enders, an expert observer on music markets for Enders Analysis, recently said the iPod is “essentially finished”.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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