The ability to set up a homescreen in any particular way may be a consideration for Britons when it comes to choosing a new handset.

Indeed, those who wish for more freedom could go ahead with plans to sell a mobile and use the funds to select a perfect replacement.

Adam, writing the latest Nokia Conversations blog, explains the Finnish brand is keen to find out exactly what the majority of people class as their "essentials".

The author notes he recently revealed exactly how his phone is set up, as well as those of fellow bloggers Ian and James.

"Reading through some of the comments from yesterday, it seems there are lots of different ways to maximise homescreen real estate," he states.

Once Nokia has collated the results of its readers, it may be the perfect brand to switch to for homescreen satisfaction.

Among its latest devices on the market are the long-awaited Nokia N8 and the recently released C7.

Posted by Simon Thomas

Written by Mazuma

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