People who would like to keep a closer eye on their blood pressure may be well advised to sell a mobile phone for money and invest in an Apple iPhone.

That is because the revolutionary handset now has the technology to record health data, CNET UK’s Luke Westaway explains in his latest article.

He notes there is a free app that consumers can download from the App Store and, when combined with a special armband, will reveal important information about a user’s wellbeing.

“Once your readings are taken, the app will tell you that vital figure and usefully will chart your readings in a scalable graph,” states the expert.

Mr Westaway says the benefit of this is that those who use the app regularly will be able to keep an eye on their daily, weekly or even monthly progress.

While the blood pressure monitor may impress potential iPhone customers, it did not make the shortlist for the Best Ever App prize, which will be contested by titles such as Angry Birds.

Posted by Peter Robinson

Written by Mazuma

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