Mobile consumers who sell used phones and switch to the network Three when buying a replacement can benefit from the firm's new policy of unrestricted internet access.

Three says it will not limit the amount of data customers can consume through their handsets if they sign up to The One Plan, its flagship tariff.

The reasoning behind such a rule change is the removal of doubt in people's minds when it comes to using their allowance and wondering whether they have exceeded it.

Marc Allera, sales and marketing director at Three, says: "All-you-can-eat data is designed to remove the possibility of bill shock when you use data, so you can use your smartphone to do everything it was designed for without the worry of cost."

The One Plan was introduced in July and aims to provide users with all the minutes and texts they require for a competitive monthly fee.

Earlier this week, the Three Blog announced the Nokia N8 is its Best Mobile Gadget of the Year.

Posted by Peter Robinson

Written by Mazuma

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