People who have an old mobile phone in their house may wish to consider mobile recycling for cash with Mazuma.

Selling an old mobile could help to protect the environment and prevent the phone from being sent to landfill, which can cause damage to the soil and watersystems in the UK.

Consumers could put the money they receive towards a new handset such as the recently announced Nokia N8, which comes in a range of colours.
Nokia Conversations blog has discussed the potential for battery powered mobiles to become a thing of the past.

Jussi Ruutu, the research leader for the Energy and Power Management team at the Nokia Research Centre in Helsinki, suggested that although it is simple to power a wrist watch with a solar panel a much larger panel or newer solar technologies would be needed to charge a mobile phone.

He said: “There is lots of research around the world going on related to alternative power sources. There is perhaps no one clear global winner but rather new sources that are useful in different contexts.”

Recycle your old mobile phone to cash

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