In recent times there has been a huge push for the amount of people trying to get their hands on tablets.

Devices such as the iPad and the Amazon Kindle Fire have been very popular all around the world, so much so that laptops are starting to fall away by comparison.

Independent software development consultant and author Matthew Baxter-Reynolds said that post-PC devices such as tablets are likely to replace laptops in the future.

Mr Baxter-Reynolds recognises that it won't happen in the next five years or so but he believes that iPads and other tablets will stop laptops from "being interesting".

ABI Research's recent results of its ongoing tracking study found that one in three respondents claimed they planned to purchase a laptop in the first half of 2012, while just 16 per cent suggested the same for tablets.

"It's far easier to go out and buy your dad a tablet than it is to buy a laptop and that story is only going to get better," he continued.

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