Microsoft has launched a new Star Wars app for mobile phones that allows user to customise the way their text messages are displayed.

More specifically, it will show old and new messages in a style reminiscent of the famous opening crawl that introduces every film entry in the franchise.

It has been launched for devices running on Google's Android operating system (OS) and Apple's iOS today (April 19th), having premiered on Windows Phone handsets yesterday.

The digital product is likely to be particularly successful on the Apple devices, as the computer manufacturing giant recently announced apps downloaded onto its handsets hit the 25 billion mark.

Stephen McGill, director of Xbox and entertainment for Microsoft UK, explained that the new app will allow people to immerse themselves in the Star Wars universe.

"We are literally putting the Force directly into people's phones," he commented, adding: "Fans will be able to carry a piece of the Star Wars universe in their pockets."

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