Sky has released a new app for iPads that allow people to turn their devices into a giant Sky remote control, allowing them to change the channel and record shows.

This system is also set to be upgraded in the coming weeks with “social TV” features that will allow people to share what they are watching with their friends.

The free app will be available to anyone that has a Sky box connected to their home network and an iPad.

As well as using it as a Sky remote, users will now also be able to see what is stored on their Sky+ planner and make changes without interrupting what they are viewing on the TV.

This could also soon be available for Android tablet users as Sky Go became available on that operating system just last month.

Brand director of TV products at Sky Luke Bradley-Jones said in blog posting: “With a simple swipe or tap of their fingers on their iPad screen, Sky customers are from today able to use the app to change channels as well as pause, play and rewind TV.”

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