Parents may soon be able to control their child’s mobile phone activity thanks to a new SIM card remotely managed from a computer.

The Bemilo system, which is set to be used on the Vodafone network, offers a service for parents to prevent their children from texting, making calls or going online during certain hours.

Unlike in a parental control app, youngsters will not be able to switch the service.

Parents could look to prevent children using their mobile phones during school hours, with chief inspector of Ofsted Sir Michael Wilshaw recently claiming that the handsets should be banned from institutions.

To have the service, parents would need to purchase a safety pack with a SIM card inside, install it into the child’s phone and pay at least £2.95, BBC News reports.

“It’s a SIM that is just like any other SIM you would buy for any other network, but it enables parents to have full control in the context of safety,” founder and chairman of Bemilo Simon Goff told the news provider.

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