Tethering is the process of using a mobile phone as an internet hotspot.

People who utilise the internet on devices like laptops often pay for telephone lines and subscriptions to broadband. However, those who already pay for large data allowances as part of their mobile phone plan could tether and avoid these costs.

Any device which connects via Wi-Fi should be able to take advantage of tethering. This means that computers, other mobile phones, tablets and electronic gadgets could be used in areas without the usual type of internet connection.

The phone being used as a hotspot will require a good connection to mobile internet.

Handset owners should calculate how much data they use on other devices and find out whether the amount included on their phone plan could account for it. It may also be cheaper to add extra data, rather than pay for a separate internet service.

However, people should be aware that networks could charge for the tethering service. Smartphone users should make sure to check the terms and conditions associated with the practice.

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