Almost nine-in-ten (89 per cent) applications downloaded to mobile phones across the globe are free, according to Gartner, Inc.

The company predicts that 45.6 billion apps will be installed on handsets worldwide in 2012 but just five billion of these will be paid for.

The latest data reports from Xyologic shows that Brits downloaded 296.19 million games and tools to their handsets in July alone.

The majority of these downloads (205.07 million) were from the Google Play store, which those with Android devices use. Apple’s App Store saw 87.47 million apps downloaded, and Windows Phone 7 users installed 3.65 million.

Of those Android apps which were downloaded, 203,948,000 cost the user nothing while just 1,118,600 had a fee. This means that 99.5 per cent of applications installed ‘cost’ nothing, despite the fact that free apps represent just 72.8 per cent of what is available.

However, many developers are making money from in-app purchases. Over half (54.8 per cent) of free apps downloaded in July gave the user the opportunity to make these types of transactions.

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