Customers looking for a new mobile phone could save money by committing to longer contracts, according to a CNET UK spokesperson.

With lots of new gadgets being unveiled by technology companies like Apple and Samsung frequently, many Brits are looking to upgrade their current handset for something more up-to-date.

By buying a new smartphone, people may be able to benefit from new technology like Near Field Communciation (NFC) which allows owners to use their device as an e-wallet, or Long Term Evolution (LTE) which means customers can utilise new high-speed 4G networks.

The CNET employee advises those buyers looking to save money to sign up for a longer contract, as these will generally be cheaper.

Most high-end devices are available on 24, 18 or 12-month deals. Those who sign up to a two-year agreement are more likely to get the handset for free and pay less each month.

People who do not feel comfortable committing to a long-term contract could make savings by buying an unlocked handset and getting a separate SIM deal.

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