Britons who believe they have lost a gadget over recent months may be well advised to return to the place they believe it went missing and, if it is recovered, sell mobiles for money.

New research by O2 has found that as many as 17.5 million devices – including mobiles, smartphones and tablets – are languishing in the country's lost property bins.

In total, these are worth a combined £1.5 billion – money that could be realised by those who sell mobiles rather than ignore them any longer.

The most popular place to lose a handset is in a bar or club, with £85 million worth of technology going missing in this way.

Taxis, parks, shops and trains are named as other spots where mobiles are often left behind.

Selling mobiles can help to raise funds for a new model, with the Japanese blog Macotakara, quoting a Nikkei Business article, recently suggesting consumers can look forward to the arrival of the Apple iPhone 5 and iPad 3 in 2012.

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