Those who love to plot their position or plan a route on a map can now do so in 3D if they sell mobiles and switch to a Nokia device.

That is because the Finnish brand has released Ovi Maps for web in a brand new extra-dimensional version, according to Nokia Conversations author Pino.

He noted users can activate the 3D view on the app and view the world in a whole new light.

"Our 3D maps are incredibly realistic! All the buildings, parks and playgrounds are there. It’s almost like being there. Cities and neighbourhoods can now be visited right from the sofa," the writer stated.

The invention of maps in 3D has occurred after the mobile company teamed up with specialist firm C3 to create realistic models of the entire planet.

Product manager Chris Probert told the online publication this week that the new Nokia E6 is built with usability in mind and features a top touchscreen.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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