Gadget lovers may wish to sell mobiles and switch to the new iPhone 4S to take advantage of a new radio alarm dock made exclusively for iPod and iPhones.

The Sony ICF-DS15iP helps consumers to "wake in style" to their favourite tunes or the radio, with the 3.5W and 3.5W output power and enhanced megabass delivering "clear, commanding music and vocals".

As well as being an "ideal" home audio system, the sleek and streamline look – which is available in both black and silver – of the model could complement any bedroom, while the dual alarm can be programmed with different wake-up times for weekdays and the weekends.

Hitting the shelves for the first time on Friday (October 14th), Bloomberg predicted as many as four million people around the world would be selling their mobiles and switching to the Apple iPhone 4S over the course of the weekend.

Currently available in the UK, US, France, Germany, Australia, Japan and Canada, the model will be rolled out across many more nations over the course of the coming weeks.

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