With more people now using Android phones than Apple ones to access Facebook, fans of the site could find themselves selling mobiles to join the growing crowd.

New statistics compiled by AppData have shown there are now 58.3 million average daily users via Android platforms, while 57.4 million typically log in via an iOS-powered handset.

ZDNet UK reported that the figures relate to the number of users accessing Facebook through its official app for the operating systems.

Despite the positive numbers for Android, it is said to still trail Apple's iOS platform in the monthly table, although this does not consider those who return to the site on a daily basis.

When it comes to visiting every 24 hours, Android's app has a success rate of 68.2 per cent compared to the iPhone total of 57.9 per cent.

Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google, recently told Le Web expo in Paris that Facebook is a tool many businesses would be wise to invest resources in, reported Pocket-Lint.

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