Business users could be at the front of the queue to sell their mobiles in order to switch to a Nokia phone and use the new LinkedIn app.

Ian, writing for Nokia Conversations, explained the firm has released the brand new tool that allows businesspeople to use their handsets as an alternative social network.

Available for free on Ovi Store, LinkedIn works with all Symbian-powered mobiles and offers a range of functions.

For example, it allows users to send messages to each other, send and respond to invitations and view updates from other commercial workers.

"If you've used the web version of the network, then it will be pretty clear what's going on," promised Ian, adding that the only difference is the addition of a speech bubble that can be used to make status updates.

Adam, writing for the same publication, recently said Molome is a great app for photographers and is available to all those with a Nokia mobile.

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