Consumers may be faced with the prospect of having to sell mobile phones and invest in newer model in order to enjoy the latest security.

Raj Samani, chief technology officer at McAfee Europe, Middle East and Africa, explained one of the key trends in mobile use at the moment is the rise of online shopping.

He suggested that more than half of people have used technology to buy goods this year and Cyber Monday, which took place last week (December 5th), was the busiest online shopping day of 2011.

It is predicted by the expert that this trend will continue to increase, leading to 71 per cent of tablet owners and 53 per cent of smartphone users buying online.

Mr Samani concluded: "It is important to make sure that these devices – which we are putting our credit card details onto – are protected."

Analysys Mason's Steve Hilton recently told how mobile shopping is beneficial to both consumers and companies.

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