People who sell their mobile phones and invest in a new model that is capable of receiving emails and text offers could be in a great position to benefit this Christmas.

Jason James, product manager for paid search at Channel Advisor, has suggested that the festive season will be the perfect time for retailers to try out mobile advertising.

He noted that while text ads are still a "bit of an experiment", the lower rates of success seen so far are a result only of the difficulty of accessing them.

But this will all change when consumers snap up devices that are able to host the messages and advertisements.

"If you haven't done any mobile marketing until now, start by creating a separate campaign that targets mobile devices, create aggregates for your products and copies of your top keywords," Mr James urged.

Google Mobile Ads recently revealed that it expects 15 per cent of all searches on Black Friday – the day Christmas shopping in the US is deemed to officially begin – to come from mobiles.

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