People who sell a mobile phone and switch to an internet-enabled device may find they enjoy a surge in online shopping opportunities over the years to come.

Dave Bird, managing director at, explained there is sure to be a “further significant increase” in m-commerce in 2012.

He said a variety of new features will mean there is a fusion between in-store and online shopping.

These include localised voucher codes, in-store quick response codes and other useful techniques.

He also suggested a switch to buying goods via Facebook is on the horizon, perhaps making it important to own a mobile with access to the social network available.

“[There will be] increased use of f-commerce (Facebook commerce) by SMEs (small to medium-sized enterprises,) challenging the Amazon marketplace grip on collective trading,” Mr Bird stated.

Recent research by mBlox found that one in ten people in the UK will avoid the high street and turn to mobiles for their post-Christmas sales shopping.

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