It might be a good idea to sell a mobile phone and switch to a more cost-effective device, if one firm’s recommendations are anything to go by.’s product director Michael Phillips has suggested that many Britons will waste money this Christmas by sticking with an existing home internet policy.

And this is likely to be placed under tremendous strain, as people eagerly try out new presents – such as DVDs, computer games and television services – over the festive period.

Those who believe they could also be set to see a spike in their mobile internet consumption as 2011 comes to an end might be wise to sell a mobile and sign up for a deal that allows them to eat more data.

“Part of the problem is that consumers often have no idea what their internet activity means in terms of their usage limit,” Mr Phillips noted.

Rajeev Suri, chief executive officer at Nokia Siemens Networks, recently said the company is putting the provision of top-quality mobile broadband to the top of its list of priorities.

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