Consumers do not need to put up with an out-of-date phone, as simply selling a mobile will give them the cash to invest in one of the newest models on the market.

Heather McLean, co-founder and editor for online mobile news publication Smart Gorillas, explained that many people no longer want an older device.

She was speaking after Research in Motion (RIM) – which manufactures BlackBerry mobiles – suggested its profit had been hit by a fall in demand for ageing handsets.

But the expert suggested this is to be expected, as end users now only want the “latest and greatest” available option.

“Why be the only person at the pub with a BlackBerry Bold, when everyone else has an iPhone or HTC?” Ms McLean asked.

RIM recently revealed that its second quarter results for the 2012 financial year showed its revenue was $4.2 billion, (£2.6 billion) – down 15 per cent from $4.9 billion in the previous three-month period.

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